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Due to health issues with my powdercoater, I will not be able to ship black mufflers until approximately May 20. Please contact us for details or if you wish to purchase raw sets. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  Recoat Headers        
Black Mufflers
Price: $259.99/set
  Recoat Headers
Price: $125.00
  Complete Exhaust System
Other Performance Parts
    Shims       Graphite Exhaust Gaskets

Modtop Hi Perf Air Cleaner
Price: $249.99/Assembly

  Emgo Fuel Filter
Price: $8.00/each
  Rocker Arm Shim Kit
Price: $12.00/set
  Perf. Pushrods
Price: $80.00/set
  Iridium Sparkplugs
Price: $10.50/each

Graphite Exhaust Gaskets
Price: $15.99/set of 2

  Yuasa Smart Shot 900         EBC Brake Pads
ARP Cylinder Head Washers
Price: $14.00/set
  Yuasa SmartShot 900 Battery Charger
Price: $39.99/each
  High Cap. Crank Main Bearings
Price: $75.00/each
  Emgo Oil Filter
Price: $7.00/each
  K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
Price: $12.99/Kit
  Perf. Brake Pads
Price: $34.99/Pair
Bearing Snapring

Price: $2.00/each
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